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Sudh Desi is committed towards better future of our next generation. Our kids should be healthy like our ancestors.


Sudh Desi team is working with Farmers on helping them moving towards Organic Farming or Healthy Farming. We are currently working in Hosur area 5 KM away from Sarjapur, Bangalore. We are working on mainly vegetable crops. Please watch Mr Prasad's (a farmer from Hosur) testimony. We are working with 3 farmers as of now.


We want to make more and more farmers aware about organic farming or Healthy farming and help them move towards this direction but at the same time increasing their yield as well.

We have products for all four stages of plants and

natural way Soil Treatment.

Prasad ji from Hosur in his Beans Farm.

Nagesh ji from Hosur in his Beans Farm.

Very happy with the result.

Source - Satyamev Jayate 

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