Prasad ji Farmer from Kaggannur, 5 km from Sarjapur, Bangalore is preparing Jeevamrutham.

Videos showing preparation of Jeevamrutham with Prasad ji.

Jeevamrutam of 200 ltr       


  1. Desi/Nati fresh Cowdung - 10 kgs

  2. Desi/Nati Cow Urine - 10 ltr

  3. Whole Gram/Mung flour - 2 kgs

  4. Good quality Jaggery - 2 kgs

  5. Fertile Soil - 2 kg

  6. Remaining water.

First mix Cowdung and Urine together, then other stuffs in 200 ltr container. While mixing these items stir well. Keep the container in shade area. Cover the top with some jute cloth or breathable cloth. Keep it for 10-12 days. Everyday stir it morning and evening and keep it covered. After 10-12 days the Jeevamrutham can used for spray or drip irrigation or directly spread on soil. Continuous usage of Jeevamrutham increases the micro organism exponentially and ultimately makes soil very fertile.