Naturally Grown Groceries / Desi Cow (Gir/Kankrej etc) Fresh Raw A2 milk to your doorstep in HSR Laytout, Devarbisanhalli, Panathoor,  Sarjapur, Thindlu, Kodathi Gate, Karmelaram, Wipro Gate, Dodakannalli in Bengaluru. To Know more Whatsapp - 9901297921.

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Naturally grown Vegetables plucked and A2 Milk fresh from Farm, delivered to houses in Sarjapur area within 4-5 hours time.


in Food items in India.

Please watch the video on adulterations, some eye opening facts are there. (by moneylife and speech by Arvind Shenoy, Consumer Product Researcher). Another news video by India Today.

Let's understand why there is adulteration in food/spices/oil in India. The main reason behind this is lack of strong law for culprit who is doing these activities. Read more at: on August 12, 2016)

There are many news article on Food adulteration (Cooking Oil, Spices, Flour, Tea etc) in India,

• Scientific India (, Nov 15, 2015.

•,Dec 9, 2016

•, 19th Feb, 2017

Some of the very common disease like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Problem, Kidney issue and Cancer are becoming common in every house. These adulteration/duplication are SILENT KILLER as there is no immediate effect.

If I say, does Cow mix water or anything in its milk, NO. So who does the mixing (adulteration) in milk? Then nobody can defy the fact that milkman, in other words middleman, does mixing (adulteration) in milk.


Traditional Business 

Please refer flow of products from Company to Customer.

If I say Company is like Cow and middleman is like Milkman, isn't it a correct statement? As soon as Company gives the product to  Agent/Stockist, it looses the control on the product. And there only mostly things go wrong and adulteration / Duplication / mixing happens in products like Oil/Spices/Tea/Milk etc. Company spends a lot of money (30-45% on average) on advertisement which is added to product cost, which ultimately is borne by Customer. At the end customer get product at high price and with no guarantee of Purity. These are the disadvantages of Traditional Business 

1. Purity is not guaranteed

2. Possibility of old stock as Stockist purchases in bulk and stock it.

3. Health issues.

4. Costly products.

100% Money REFUND if You are dissatisfied with the Product